National Business Connections

For Members, By Members

National Business Connection is a growing network of entrepreneurs and business leaders who are serious about creating authentic and meaningful connections. We exist to provide resources, encouragement, opportunities and support that will guide our members on their business journey.

The real story is in our members. They each come with an amazing set of skills, knowledge, and expertise, so our main goal is to create an environment that gives them a platform to bring real value to each other.

Our Team

Daniel Lipka, National Vice President

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Above all else Dan is a loving husband & father to 4 amazing children. He’s a serial entrepreneur who has created and consulted in the conception of many businesses. He is an avid traveler & adventure enthusiast.

After finding great success in network marketing and his professional sales career he started to shift gears and became a student of sales cycles, the art of influence and the importance of developing meaningful relationships.

While still involved in several businesses his main focus is on helping others achieve new heights in their own businesses through implementing sales strategies, cultivating their skills, power of mindset and overall business & personal development.

Dan has always been passionate about others growth and strives to share the value in connections; and how the impact from strategic relationships is not only important, but absolutely necessary.

If he’s not diligently working or in attendance at an event, you’ll find him relaxing on the beach or hunting down the next unique location to visit with his family.

“NBC isn’t just another networking or referral company. I want our members to truly feel the impact creating long term meaningful relationships can have in life. It is truly remarkable what one mind can accomplish, but when you have several minds together, that’s when magic happens”.